Coaching with Neta is a simple yet effective form of personal development where you and I create a goal that promotes your personal growth. This coaching relationship enables you to give up who you are, for who you want to become. My job as your coach, is to help you get there.

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Affirm Your Life Experience Neta

Get Unstuck!  Let's take 60 minutes to discuss one area of your life where you feel stuck.  After which I will provide three immediately, actionable steps you can take to kill the overwhelm and begin to move forward.  

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My Destiny Is Calling Experience Neta

One on One Coaching split into four (4) 60 minute sessions which has be scheduled anytime within 30 days.  Also includes email correspondence and phone conversations (limited to 10 minutes) for between session questions and concerns. 

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While many have been stuck from their pain, Neta Vaught chose to no longer allow the card she was dealt to take over and destroy her life. She chose to stand in the face of her adversities with dignity and grace. Neta Vaught is committed to helping people worldwide to stand in the face of their difficulties and break their silence of the things that have drained them and leaving them stuck. Having dealt with many life circumstances, she wanted to give many an opportunity to use Expression without being mocked or judged for the pain, but also a chance to author their story. In addition to her courage, Neta is the CEO and mogul of Reconnecting Our Communities L.L.C.