Surviving The D.A. (Depression and Anxiety)


The purpose of this book is to allow individuals to write by using expression without being judged or mocked for their pain. Depression and anxiety is something we know exist, but it's still looked upon as a stigma or a weakness. Within the African American community, this topic runs deep but isn't talked about often. Mental Illness is a topic that many do not like to discuss and is very hard to accept when diagnosed. Inside people are crying for help to either save them from their mental torment or its someone suffering silently with someone who is going through.

Take this journey, as Neta Vaught, a survivor of her depression and life traumas, and having to grow up with a parent with mental illness help allow others to use expression with journal writing to stop stigmas. These individuals will open up about their personal lives about a topic that is sensitive and give inspiration to others. This book has real people writing from deep within opening up about their pain but will provide you with strength. The courage to share with others around the world is bravery in its own self.

Join these brave souls as they share with you, their most in-depth most venerable journal writings about growing up in a home with a parent/ guardian going through a mental illness. And about their own personal experiences living with the D.A. (Depression and Anxiety). They found courage and strength and giving that to the others around the world. It’s time we break generational curses. Remember you have the power to change your life.

While many have been stuck from their pain, Neta Vaught chose to no longer allow the card she was dealt to take over and destroy her life. She chose to stand in the face of her adversities with dignity and grace. Neta Vaught is committed to helping people worldwide to stand in the face of their difficulties and break their silence of the things that have drained them and leaving them stuck. Having dealt with many life circumstances, she wanted to give many an opportunity to use Expression without being mocked or judged for the pain, but also a chance to author their story. In addition to her courage, Neta is the CEO and mogul of Reconnecting Our Communities L.L.C.

Submit Your Story
If you have a story of a breakthrough overcoming life circumstances dealing/coping with depression or any other mental illnesses. Please submit your story to
The types of stories I'm  looking for:
•    Generational curses/ Family
•     breakthroughs
•    Achievements
•    Truthfulness/Honestly and realness
•    How did it impact you growing up
•    Circumstances
•    Community/social changes that helped
•    What was that moment you accepted what was going and did you make changes
•    Reflection thoughts
•    Writing to your pain while allowing the reader to have breakthrough
•    Write to that pain with expression and do not be afraid (Remember write as though your writing in a Journal)
•    Break your silence
•    A message to people who are going through or have gone through and the importance to speak out and get help
•    Traumas
•    Remember you do not have to hold back. Just write freely and truthfully

Stories are selected for:
•    moving emotional content
•    impressive results/achievements
•    inspirational value

Helpful Pointers:
Remember, the more specific you can be, the more the reader will relate to the story and be able to benefit from it. Also, for those who do not understand share with them to become aware, and understand so we can stop stigmas.
•    The ideal length for your WRITTEN STORY should be 500-2000 words, but don't get hung up about range. Make it as long or as short as it takes to tell the story. My editors can edit it if need be.
•    If your story is chosen to publish, I will contact you. Also, I will work with you and my editor will work on polishing it… so don’t worry about it having to be written or told correctly.

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