Expression (Author Your Story) Call for Stories

I’m currently writing a book entitled “If I Could”  - a collection of real and inspiring stories from people (just like you!) These stories are letters in a journal format to their absent fathers. These journal entries are allowing people to use expression through writing and help others understand the power of journaling to create change and therapy.

The purpose of the book is to inform people about how the immense feeling of being fatherless continues to spread throughout many generations. It causes much guilt, anger, and shame in many lives. Numerous times many have asked that one question, “WHY ME?” It consumes the soul and minds of the fatherless. The anger can cause choices to be made that had some devastating consequences. Then there are those who wished these missing fathers would come and save them from their horrifying circumstances. For many years, we have asked the same question, “How do we fix this problem?”

Take this journey, as Neta Vaught, a fatherless soul, helps lead the fatherless, both men and women to author their story. This epidemic of the fathers being missing is a tragedy, and we must now break the silence. Being fatherless comes in many forms. This book has personal letters that release the pain but will give you strength. The courage to share with others around the world is bravery in its self.

Join these brave men and women as they share with you, letters to their fathers who have either passed on or still alive. These individuals are using expression to inspire others. And give fathers who are not around a glimpse of the reality of what this can do. At the same time, encourage them to build a relationship with their children. It’s time to let go of the pain and end this growing epidemic and move forward. We have the power to change our lives and heal.

While many have been stuck from their pain, Neta Vaught chose to allow no longer the card she was dealt to take over and destroy her life. She decided to stand in the face of her adversities with dignity and grace. Neta Vaught is committed to helping people worldwide to hold in the front of their difficulties and break their silence of the things that have drained them and leaving them stuck. Having dealt with many life circumstances, she wanted to give many an opportunity to use Expression without being mocked or judged for the pain, but also a chance to author their story. In addition to her courage, Neta is the CEO and mogul of Reconnecting Our Communities L.L.C.

Submit Your Story
If you have a story of a breakthrough or a success that you have created as a result of being fatherless. Please submit your story to
The types of stories I'm  looking for:
·         Generational curses/ breakthroughs
·          breakthroughs
·         Achievements
·         Pushing through despite having absent fathers
·         How did it impact you growing up
·         Circumstances
·         Community/social changes that helped
·         What was that moment you said I have to push through
·         Reflection thoughts
·         Writing to your pain while allowing the reader to have a breakthrough
·         If you could send a message or conversation to your absent fathers what would it be. (Remember write as though your writing in a Journal)
·         Break your silence
·A letter to absent father and the need for them in a child’s life
·         Tragedies due to absent father
·         Remember you do not have to hold back. Just write freely and truthfully.
Stories are chosen based on:
·         moving emotional content
·         impressive results/achievements
·         inspirational value
.       Transparency and Truth
 Helpful Pointers:
·         Remember, the more specific you can be, the more the reader will relate to the story and be able to benefit from it.
·         Ideal length for your WRITTEN STORY should be 500-2000 words, but don't get hung up about range. Make it as long or as short as it takes to tell the story. My editors can edit it if need be.
·         If your story is chosen to publish, I will contact you. Also, I will have my editors work on polishing it… so don’t worry about it having to be written or told correctly.
 Send stories to