The Healing Zone Journal

The Healing Zone was created to help others write and heal. I created The Healing Zone as a safe space. Everyday you will spend time writing and then record your thoughts. Journaling has many benefits and helps with communication skills and depression. Journaling evokes mindfulness, and healing.  It helps with thoughts and feelings to help you understand them more clearly. Order your copy today and start journaling . My motto is "Free the minds of the people, and the people will heal".  For support before and after purchase #thehealingzone. Click the link to order

Conversations with Neta Vaught

Conversations with Neta Vaught

May is Mental Illness Awareness Month. This stigma must end!  To my wounded vessels, you're not alone. Reconnecting Our Communities LLC was build from pain to purpose. Neta Vaught saved herself to help others please share her story of triumph.

Neta Vaught is the creator and founder of Reconnecting LLC and Uniquely Imaged. She dedicated to removing the stigma of mental illness and bring people to positions of empowerment through the program. Our focus is on helping people to become free of hurt, doubt, and fears that come from depression and other mental health disorders. We are here to say, that it is okay to get help and voice when something isn’t right within ourselves. We help educate people on traumas that are associated with different experiences in life and learn positive ways to deal and cope. By breaking our silence about many of the devastating emotions that we feel, we can learn to be more free as people and a community.


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