Free the minds of the people and the people will heal.

Reconnecting is run by Neta Vaught. The focus is on helping both men and women to become free of hurt, doubt, and fears that come from life circumstances. Reconnecting Our Communities LLC is here to say, that it is okay to get help and voice when something isn’t right within ourselves. Neta teaches individuals how to write in journals to create a safe zone without judgment. Neta also teaches other positive benefits and breakthroughs with journaling. By breaking our silence about many of the overwhelming emotions that we feel, we can learn to be free as people and a community.


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Coaching and Consulting

My consulting services consist of several programs. They are designed to educate, motivate and inspire others to live life intentionally and not give up because of past trauma, current circumstances and defeating thoughts. My services include stories being written and told from real people, of all walks of life by using  journaling as a tool. My services  help walk people through reversing the negative effects of past events by breaking their silence with writing so that they can begin to live the that they were designed to. My vision is to free the mindsets and broken hearts of wounded people so they may heal and walk in a life of purpose.   Learn More